Citizen Charter

Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation Limited (TNSC) was established during 1974 by the Government Tamil Nadu as a Public Limited company under the provision of Companies Act 1956 and our Registered/Corporate Office is situated at 735, Anna Salai, Chennai2. TNSC is functioning under the Administrative control of Industries Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu
TNSC manufactures Industrial Grade Salt and other Fortified Salts like Iodized Salt and Double Fortified Salt. Our salt works is situated at Valinokkam Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu.
(i) We are committed to maintain the highest quality standard to satisfy the industrial customers with emphasis on quality namely meeting the customers requirement/specifications at competitive prices.
(ii) We are committed to continuously produce and supply edible salt namely IDS/DFS to Noon meal Centers through PDS in tackling the Iron/Iodine deficiency prevailing among the public at affordable prices.
(iii) We shall involve and motivate all our employees/workers in the process of production thus ensuring highest productivity.
(v) We are committed to adopt transparency and a healthy approach to marketing our product and thereby set an example in the industry.
(i) We shall maintain harmonious industrial relations and enhance quality of our life of our employees/workers.
(ii) We shall improve the conditions of the people living in the neighborhood of the factories by participating, in any community development project in these areas.
(iii) We shall continuously improve the quality management system and inculcate the awareness of quality before as well as after production.
(iv) As per GO letter No.5910/DAW/3-1, dated 31.7.12 Tamilnadu Salt Corporation Ltd. will take action to fill up the backlog vacancies of Differently Abled personnel in the 'B' and 'D' category while filling up the existing vacant posts.