Crystal iodized salt

At the time of Iodised salt introduction TNSC was able to distribute Iodised salt throughPDS only to an extent of3000 tonnes per year during 1997-98. At present by massive publicity with the assistance of UNICEF, Salt Department, District Administration and Health Department of Govt. of Tamil Nadu, the sale of Iodised salt gradually increased to manifold and currently it is 30000 tonnes per annum. The TNSC would explore possibilities to sell the Iodised Salt to each and every card holder of the state.

The Crystal Iodised salt is being sold at most affordable price of Rs. 3.50 per kg and the refined free flow Iodised salt at Rs. 6 per kg which is most affordable price. In the neighboring states PDS the price of the salt is ranging from Rs. 5.00 to Rs. 9.00 per kg and in the open market the salt price ranges from Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 per kg. The TNSC now coming to the open market sale of Iodised salt at affordable price.